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Run time: 2 hours 44 minutes

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United States. Air ForceEffect Of Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima And Nagasaki, 09/21/1945 - 10/1945 (September 1945)

something has gone horribly wrong 8-p
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National Archives Shot List: "Summary: Reel 1: 912'. "Hiroshima, physical damage" 1) CU animated map of Japan. 2) ELS City of Hiroshima. (Still photo) 3) LS Damaged city of Hiroshima. 4) Pan City. 5) US Japanese sentry standing guard on platform in tree. 6) MS gentry standing near "bell" air raid alarm. 7) MCU gentry in dugout cave. 8) ADS smoke rising from A-bomb bursts (still photo) 9) LS Completely devastated city. 10) Pan damage to Hiroshima. 11) MLS Bomb damage to large concrete building. 12) LS damaged streetcars in street. 13) MS Hiroshima prefecture office bldg damaged by blast. 14) Pan damaged and destroyed bldgs. 15) Animated chart of bomb damage- to city. 16) Animated chart of casualty list of humans. 17) MS damaged trees against sky. 18) MS Same. 19) LS Same shrine in far bg. 20) Animated chart of epicenter. 21) LS Torii Shrine in water. 22) CU Damaged windows. 23) MS damaged stone lantern. 24) CU shattered glass in lantern. 25) Animated map ofKoyaura suburb in Hiroshima. 26) CU Japanese sign, and village in bg. 27) CU Shattered windows. 28) Animated chart of yamo. 29) CU Sign "yamo." 30) LS Yamo RR station. 31) CU Shattered windows in wooden building. 32) LS Down street of hiroshima. 33) Animated chart of Niho. 34) Pan Damaged roofs of wooden-type bldgs. 35) Animated chart of Mukaianada. 36) LS Japanese village. 37) CU Damaged wooden building. 38) CU Damaged windows. 39) LS Wooden buildings and shattered roofs. 40) LS Damage done to observatory 4 kilometers, epicenter. 41) CU damaged windows of observatory. 42) CU Damaged concrete walls. 43) Animated chart of Donbara. 44) Pan Devastation. 45) Pan Demolished wooden-type buildings four kilometers from epicenter. 912' Total footage in reel.
Reel 2: 743'. 1) LS animation, map of Hiroshima. 2) LS pan shot of rubble-covered area of Hiroshima. 3) LS Same as above. 4) MS steel girders bent by blast. 5) MS Same as above, showing part of Red Cross Hospital. 6) MS Steel structure bent and distorted by blast. 7) MS Same as above. 8) LS Animation. 9) MLS Red Cross Hospital. 10) LS Same as above as silhouetted through a broken window. 11) MS Damaged window, caused by blast. 12) LS Animation. 13) MS Dolly shot of a watch dealers store. 14) MLS Demolished gas building in Hiroshima. Several shots. 15) LS Animation. 6) MLS Demolished building of Imperial Headquarters. 17) MS Demolished buildings with artillery piece in fg. 18) MS pan of demolished buildings. 19) LS Animation. 20) LS pan of rubble-strewn area. 21) LS Animation. 22) MS Gohuku Shrine, showing columns and pillars lying about. 23) MS Blast damaged chamber of commerce building. Several shots. 24) MLS Agricultural Exhibits building damaged by blast. Several shots, Animation. 26) MLS Truckload of scientists arriving at a shrine. 27) MS Several shots of scientists studying the damage and displacement of monuments and taking notes. 28) Animation. 29) MS several shots showing damage and displacement of the AI-OI bridge. 30) MS Damaged Motoyasu bridge. 31) MS pan shot showing the way the stone lanterns on either side of the bridge were displaced in opposite directions. 32) LS pan of the destruction all over the city. 743' Total footage in reel.
Reel 3: 753'. "Radioactivity" 1) AS shot of the destruction in Hiroshima. 2) AV's showing destruction in Hiroshima. 3) MS Dolly shot showing buildings damaged and demolished by blast and displacement of sidewalks and destroyed trees and vegetations. 4) MS Pan shot showing destruction. 5) MS Scientist walking through rubble, he stops and picks up some debris for tests. 6) Animation. 7) CU Man mixing dirt to be examined. Animation. 8) MS pan down past rubble to a scientist making examinations on debris. 9) Animation. 10) LS pan of destruction then to a scientist making studies of the destruction. 11) Animation.
Reel 4: 634'. 1) LS Scientist walking through debris with instruments. 2) CU one of the instruments. 3) MS several shots of scientist looking into instruments and carrying them to different locations. 4) Animation. 5) LS Showing destruction in Hiroshima. 6) MLS A weather station. 7) animation. 8) LS Pan shot of the destructed area of Hiroshima. 9) CU A pair of flash-burned trousers. 10) MCU A flash-burned door. 11) Animation. 12) MS Man examining a tiled roof in Takasu. 13) MC Man taking samples of water from a jug. 14) CU Bottles with Japanese writing on them. 15) MC a scientist at work. 16) Animation. 17) MLS showing a group of scientists surveying the damage. 18) Animation. 753' Total footage in reel.
Reel 5: 1084'. "Shadow" 1) Pan Hiroshima showing Atomic bomb damage to city. 2) CU Demolished concrete and granite bldg. 3) CU Burned concrete. 4) CU Sealed and burned granite. 5) CU Damaged telephone pole. 6) MCU shadows on large gas tank caused by turn valve and pipes. 7) MCU shadow of ladder on tank. 8) CU burned backs of chairs in room. 9) MS Shadows on bridge. 10) MS Shadow of railing on concrete bridge. 11) MS Damaged railings on bridge. 12) CU Shadow on railings. 13) CU Animated chart of blast effect. 14) LS credit association bldg roof, physicist checking for point of detonation. 15) CU Japanese physicists at work. 16) CU Same. 17) CU Animation of zero point. 18) CU Japanese survey team check shadow on bldg. 19) CU Same as scene 17. 20) CU Survey team check railing on bridge. 21) LS demolished steel gas tank. 22) CU shadow of turn valve on tanks. 23) MS Japanese soldiers and civilians walk near shrine. 24) MS Survey team check monument. 25) CU Sealed granite monument and instrument used in surveying. 26) CU Animated charts on damage. "Heat" 27) CU Animated chart of city. 28) CU Two members of survey team check out monument. 29) CU Sealing on granite monument. Several scenes. 30) LS rubble covered area in city. 31) MS Japanese shrine. 32) CU Sealing on granite monument. 33) CU Small stone pebbles. 34) CU Burned and shadow effect on pebbles. 35) CU Several scenes of heat blistering effect on concrete and granite. 36) MS Tile, debris covered area. 37) Pan rubble. 38) LS Demolished buildings. 39) pan- demolished area. 40) ECU Blistered fragments of tile. 41) LS damaged and destroyed buildings. 42) CU Damaged tile and granite. 43) CU animation. 1084' Total footage in reel.
Reel 6: 599'. "Biological Effects" 1) Animation. 2) MLS Demolished building caused by blast effect of A-bomb also showing damage to vegetation. 3) Animation. 4) LS pan of the destroyed area of Hiroshima. 4) LS Pan of the destroyed area of Hiroshima. 5) Showing damage to trees. 6) Animation. 7) MCU Showing damage to citrus trees and fruit. 8) Animation. 9) CU damage to shrubbery. 10) Animation. 11) MCU various shots of damage to plants. 12) Animation. 13) MLS showing damage to vegetation around Gokoku Shrine. 14) MS scientist examining plants and bushes. 15) Animation. 16) CU damage to plants and leaves. 17) CU scientists digging earthworms and examining them.
Reel 7: 865'. "Effects of the Human Body" 1) MC Showing burns of the back, arms and head of a male patient. 2) MC same as above, front view. 3) Animation. 4) MS Two male patients with burns on legs, and body. 5) CU burns on leg of a man also showing protection afforded by sandal. 6) Animation. 7) MCU showing a man's back and head with slight burns. 8) CU Burn on mans hand. 9) CU A piece of a dress then showing how the pattern of the dress was burned onto the back of a woman. 10) Animation. 11) MS Showing burns on the body, arms and head of a man. 12) CU Showing protection afforded by a wrist watch. 13) MCU Showing burns on the face, neck and arms of a man. 14) CU burns on a mans hand and how the movement of his fingers has been restricted. 15) MCU burns on a mans hand and arm. 16) MCU burns on a woman's neck, face and ear. 17) MCU Burns on a mans head and ears, ears are almost burnt away. 18) MCU Burns to a man's face and eyes. 19) MC A doctor rebandage on injured leg. 20) CU Burns on a patient's leg. 21) CU unhealcd ulcers on a womans face. 22) MCU burns and cuts on a patient's legs. 23) MCU A large cut on woman's face. 24) MCU same as above. 25) MC Burns on man's arms and cuts on his face. 26) CU A large cut running from eye to the ear on a woman's face. 27) MS Doctor and nurse working on a woman's face.
Reel 8: 789'. "Radiation Sickness" 1) MS Damaged Dept. store. 2) CU Mattresses labeled "not be used because of radiation". 3) MS Demolished concrete bldg. 4) MS Shack erected for autopsy room. 5) CU Male patient being treated for radiation sickness. 6) MCU Doctor and nurse treating patient. 7) CU Patient suffering from radiation sickness. 8) CU Doctor attending patient. 9) CU Several patient's facial expressions. 10) CU Animation. 11) CU Top of male patient's head showing effects of burn, several angles. 12) Animation. 13) CU Two Japanese children showing loss of hair. 14) CU Radiation sickness patient in bed. 15) CU Japanese woman's face who is suffering radiation sickness. 16) CU old Japanese woman showing loss of hair. 17) CU Japanese male patient's face, several angles. 18) CU Bone marrow. 19) ECU Microscopic shot of human spleen. 20) ECU Microscopic shot of lymphnods. 21) ECU Microscopic shot of skin. 22) ECU Microscopic shot of testicles. 23) ECU Microscopic shot of ovary. 24) ECU Microscopic shot of intestines. 25) ECU Microscopic shot of lung. 26) ECU Microscopic shot of liver. 27) ECU Microscopic shot of kidney. 28) ECU Microscopic shot of adrenal gland. 29) ECU Microscopic shot of hypophysis. 30. ECU Microscopic shot of thyroid gland.
Reel 9: 1030'. "Principal Hospitals and First Aid Stations" 1) Animation. 2) LS Red Cross Hospital of Hiroshima. 3) MS Red cross flag. 4) Int.S looking through shattered window at Red Cross Hospital. 5) Int.S Shot of damage to interior of Hospital. 6)Int.S Clock stopped at 0814. 7) Int.S same as scene 5. 8) Int.S Doctors and nurses attending patients. Several shots. 9) MC Doctor and nurse bandaging burns on a woman's arm and face. 10) MC doctor removing bandage from a man's face revealing burn. 11) MC Nurse bandaging a man's face. 12) MC Doctor examining patient. 13) MC Doctor examining burns on a girl's face. Also signs of epilation. 14) MC Doctor looking through a microscope. 15) Animation. 16) LS Hiroshima post office hospital. 17) MS Same as scene 16. 18) MS A crate of bottles. 19) MS looking through window into treatment room. 20) MC patients waiting for treatment. 21) MC patients being treated at the Hiroshima post office hospital. 22) MC Doctor looking into a microscope and giving readings to a nurse. 23) MLS shack used as an autopsy room. 24) CS same as scene 23. Showing entrance. 25) Int.S Two doctor's dissecting human organs. 26) Animations. 27) MC An Oshima Public school. Several shots. 28) Children being treated inside school. 29) Animation. 30) LS Koi primary School. Several shots showing damage. 31) Animation. 32) MS Nurses unloading patients from a truck. 33) Int.S patients assembled in a large ward. 34) Int.S several shots of doctors performing an autopsy. 35) Animation. 36) Ninoshima Military Quarantine Hospital. 37) MLS Looking down on small village. 38) MS Several shots of buildings on the island. MS Showing graves where there are one thousand bodies buried. 40) MLS me as scene 39. 41) MS several shots showing damage to the Red Cross Hospital. 42) MS patients being treated. 43) MS patients being cared for by relatives. 44) MC A very small child crying. 45) MS Showing relatives caring for their sick. Several shots. 46) MS pan of the windows of the Hospital with clothes hanging out windows. 47) LS looking down from roof at the destruction.
Reel 10: 746'. 1) CU Animation of map of Japan. 2) LS Nagasaki Harbor. 3) Pan City of Nagasaki and harbor installation. 4) LS Nagasaki. 5) LS Temple and Roman Catholic Church. 6) MS statue of virgin in niche of church. 7) MS Stone cross in garden. 8) MS Animation. 9) LS Atomic bomb burst over Nagasaki. (Still photo) 10) CU Animation of A-bomb damaged area. 11) Pan Demolishod area. 12) Pan Same. 13) Animation. 14) Pan devastation. 15) Pan Street, buildings demolished, civilians walk along street (360 degree pan shot from epicenter of blast). 16) Pan same. Japanese male pulls cart along street. 17) LS Demolished tree. 18) CU Animated chart of city. 19) LS Devastated area. 20) MS Trees stripped of leaves and limbs.
Reel 11: 892'. "Nagasaki Physical Damage" 1) CU Animation chart of Nagasaki. 2) CU Tree stump and wooden homes demolished on "Hill of Death." 3) LS Wooden buildings demolished in far bg. Cement-type of building demolished. 4) LS Blasted trees and demolished buildings. 5) LS Demolished area and debris. 6) CU Animation. 7) LS demolished section of city. 8) MCU aged heavy machinery. 9) CU Animation. 10) LS Looking along RR tracks showing damaged tracks and electrical wiring. 11) MS caged electrical power lines of RR. 12) MS Demolished wooden homes. 13) MS Bent and twisted steel frame bldgs. 14) CU Human bones, skull and debris. 15) MCU Damaged RR bridge. 16) MCU Twisted frame and ties of RR bridge. 17) CU Animation. 18) Pan Demolished penitentiary. 19) CU Damaged steel frame of concrete building. 20) MS Remains of cell block. 21) ECU Shatter section of reinforced concrete wall. 22) CU Melted tile. 23) LS Damaged concrete building, Shiroyama School. 24) MS shattered trees. 25) CU Broken tree stump. 26) MS shattered section of school. 27) CU crumpled walls of school. 28) Panshot of school. 29) MS shattered windows and walls. 30) MS Demolished building. 31) CU Sections of wall crumpled. 32) CU human bones and shells. 33) Pan skulls, bones, debris and crumbled bldgs. 34) MS Urakami RR station demolished by fire. 35) MC-CU Shattered section of RR. 36) Pan Hill section, tree stump and demolished bldgs. 37) Animation Chenzei School. 38) LS Several angles shots of Chenzei Middle School damaged by blast. 39) LS Bowed walls of school bldg. 40) Damaged roof section. 41) LS Demolished Keiho middle school. 42) Pan Demolished wooden bldg. 43) Pan Demolished Mitsubishi steel plant. 44) MS civilian and soldiers at Urakami RR Station. 45) CU Japanese sign. 46) MS damaged Sonno Shrine. 47) MS Damaged torii gateway. 48) CU Damaged stone lantern.
Reel 12: 920'. 1) Animation. 2) LS partially destroyed buildings. 3) LS The damaged buildings of the Medical College. 4) LS Two smokestacks, one bent by blast. 5) MS smokestack with top half blown off. 6) MS several shots of damaged buildings. 7) Int.S damage done to interior of buildings. Furniture scattered about. 8) Animation. 9) MS several shots showing the demolished Urakami Cathedral. 10) Animation. 11) LS Yamazato Primary School, several shotS showing demolished windows. 12) LS pan of the Engineering School. 13) Animation. 14) MS pan showing damage at the Mitsubishi Ordnance plant. 15) MS Several shots showing damaged buildings. 16) MS Two shots of a demolished gas tank. 17) MS Three pan shots of a demolished ordnance plant. 18) MS several shots of bent and distorted steel beams. 19) Animation. 20) MS A demolished stee1 mast. 21) Animation. 22) LS pan of the area that was completely destroyed. 23) LS Two steel masts. 24) Animation. 25) MS pan of Nagasaki station. 26) Animation. 27) MLS Nakamachi Church. 28) Animation. Prefectural office building. 29) Animation. 30) Pan shots and still shots of buildings that were damaged by the blast of the bomb. Showing roofs, walls and windows.
Reel 13: 505'. "Physical Science Report on Nagasaki" 1) LS Pan shot of the destroyed area of Nagasaki. 2) LS shot of a destroyed area. 3) MS Pan shot of several demolished buildings. 4) MC Pan up of a window frame showing flash burn. 5) MS A doorway showing a light above door. 6) MC Flash burn on concrete, burn caused by support. 7) MC Man measuring the angle of the shadow. 8) LS A damaged concrete building. 9) MC showing shadow on a window frame. 10) MC Shadow on a ledge atop a building, man measures the degree. 11) MS same as scene 1O. 12) LS A damaged building. 13) CU Shadow at the base of a pillar. 14) CU man measures the degree of the shadows. 15) LS A demolished cathedral. 16) MS A damaged monument. 17) CU shadow at base of monument. 18) Animation showing point of detonation and the epicenter. 19) MS pan from above ground to the center ot the blast. 20) MS pan of the devastated area.
Reel 14: 827'. "Heat" 1) LS devastated area in Nagasaki. 2) LS stone fence. 3) CU broken and fused tile. 4) ECU scaling on tile, several scenes. 5) CU broken and fused concrete blocks. 6) ECU Fused concrete. 7) CU same as scene 5. 8) CU Fused concrete. 9) MS shattered trees and stone. 1O) CU Stone pathway damaged. 11) CU scaling on side of stone. 12) ECU scaling on stone. 13) CU Scaling on stone. 14) ECU sealing on stone. 15) CU Same. 16) LS River embankment. 17) CU stone wall. 18) CU stone. 19) MS stone retaining wall. 20) Pan one side to other retaining wall facing blast. 21) CU scaling on stone wall. 22) ECU scaling. 23) CU Broken tile. 24) ECU scaling on tile. 25) LS destroyed area and church in far Bg. 26) MS Destroyed church, rubble in foreground. 27) CU scaling on statue in front of church. 28) ECU same. 29) MS Demolished brick, concrete and granite section of church. 30) CU Broken granite pillars. 31) ECU Scaling on pillars. 32) MS Torii gateway shrine. 33) CU Damaged pillar of the shrine. 34) ECU scaling on shrine. 35) CU-ECU scaling on tile. 36) MS Sign "Urakami and Japanese Writing." 37) Pan devastated area. 38) MS dirt bank and blasted trees. 39) ECU Scaling on dirt bank. 40) ECU scaling on piece of tombstone. 41) CU Damaaged wooden tombstone. 42) CU Base of shrine and step leading to graveyard. 43) MS Damaged cement-type building and burned telephone poles. 44) CU shadow of vegetation on pole. 45) Shadows of vegetation on board wall. 46) MS Large gas tank and shadows. 47) CU shadows cast by rivets. 48) CU Animation.
Reel 15: 896'. 1) MS Shot of the collapsed prison wall. 2) MS tree that was destroyed by blast. 3) MC Several shots of the collapsed prison wall. 4) MC Scientist measuring the displacement of the wall. 5) CU Several shots of the crack in the wall. 6) MS A demolished cathedral. 7) CU Scientist measuring the displacement of a pillar. 8) LS Pan of the demolished "Mitsubishi Steel Works." 9) MS Bent and distorted steel girders. 10) MC Showing disruption of supports. 11) MS Two shots of the twisted steel girders. 12) MS Showing a concrete wall that was displaced from its original position. 13) Animation. 14) MC Scientist measuring thickness of concrete. 15) MS Several shots of the damage done to a graveyard by blast, and scientist measuring tombstone displacement. 16) Animation. 17) MS-CU Showing buildings and how steel girders were damaged by blast. 18) LS Pan shot of the hills and devastated area of Nagasaki. 19) MS several shots of demolished buildings. 20) Animation. 21) MLS Buildings in a valley that were not affected by blast. 22) Animation. 23) MS Damaged buildings at Tagami. 24) Animation. 25) MS Damaged buildings at Futami. 26) Animation. 27) MS Showing damage at Tone. 28) Animation. 29) LS pan of the hills and devastated area of Nagasaki. 30) A view of the devastated area of Nagasaki and also of seemingly unaffected area.
Reel 16: 900'. 1) CU Charts of radioactivity. 2) LS City of Nagasaki in ruins. 3) MS Ruins of buildings. 4) MS Japanese scientist determining epicenter. 5) CU Animation of epicenter. 6) CU Same as scene 4. 7) CU Japanese digging hole at epicenter. 8) CU using instrument determining epicenter. 9) CU Animated chart on radioactivity. 10) CU Japanese scientists checking radioactivity at Nishiyama. 11) ECU Japanese scientist peering thru electroscope. 12) Charts and map on areas affected by radioactivity animation. 13) CU Sign "Shimabara." 14) Pan Hilly terrain and shore line. 15) MS Scientists check radioactivity. 16) CU same as scene 12.
Reel 17: 729'. 1) LS Red Cross flag flying from damaged building. 2) MS Same as scene 1. 3) MS Japanese writing on a wall. 4) Int.S Several shots of patients women and men and children, waiting in first aid station for treatment. 5) Int.S Doctor checking records of a patient. 6) Int.S Male patient receiving treatment for a burned ear. 7) Int.S Doctors and nurses making blood tests. 8) Int.S patient being put on a treatment table. 9) Int.S Doctor treating a small girl's badly burned foot. 10) CU A badly burned hand. 11) MCU ulcers on boys head and back. 12) MCU Boy's face showing burns. 13) MS several shots of patients waiting for treatment. 14) MS Small boy being treated for burns on head, arms, legs and body. 15) CU Burns on a small girl's legs. 16) MC Same as scene 15. 17) MCU burns on the hand. 18) MCU Showing loss of hair on a girl's head. 19) MC Small girl lying on floor. 20) MC Nurse giving a blood transfusion. Several scenes. 21) MC Doctor examining a small boy. 22) MC Small child being examined. 23) MC A man lying on the floor await1ng treatment. 24) MC Nurse giving a child a shot in the arm. 25) MC Showing burns on a man's chest and neck. 26) MCU Burns on a mans face and mouth. 27) MS Children looking out windows, displaying various wounds.
Reel 18: 729'. "Biological Studies at Nagasaki". 1) Pan destroyed area. 2) MS Shattered trees. 3) Same as scene 1. 4) Animation. 5) MS Japanese technician taking notes on plant life affected by radiation, several scenes. 6) CU plant leaf. 7) LS completely destroyed area. 8) LS trees stripped of leaves. 9) MS Damaged stone wall. 10) LS Destroyed tree, damaged bldgs, power plant in far bg. 11) CU Blasted tree, leaves sprouting. 12) MS Trees that were damaged, sprouting leaves. 13) CU Tree affected by radiation and blast. 14) MS Technicians taking notes on plant life. 15) MS Several scenes of plant life. 16) CU Instruments used to check on radiation. 17) Animation of radiation. 18) Several scenes of plant life being checked for radiation effects. 19) LS Urakami Cathedral. 20) Pan cultivated fields.
Reel 19: 537'. 1) MS Japanese technicians digging up roots of sweet potatoes. 2) CU Roots of sweet potatoes. 3) LS pan of the hills. 4) MS Man digging up roots and a CU of the roots. 5) LS Three pan shots of experimental gardens. 6) MCU man holding roots. 7) Animation. 8) MS Men examining vegetation. 9) CU showing plants. 10) CU Several scenes showing plants growing. 11) MS People moving furniture and belongings. 12) MS people receiving Food. 13) MC doctors at work. 14) MS Men repairing electrical lines. 15) MS People riding buses and streetcars. 16) MS A train leaving the station. 17) LS A steam train passing through the destructed area. Good"
National Archives Identifier: 65518

This movie is part of the collection: Community Video

Producer: United States. Air Force
Audio/Visual: silent, black & white
Keywords: WWII, World War II; Nagasaki-shi (Japan); Hiroshima-shi (Japan) -- History -- Bombardment, 1945; Nagasaki-shi (Japan) -- History -- Bombardment, 1945; Hiroshima-shi (Japan); A-bomb; Atomic Bomb; World War, 1939-1945; Atomic Bomb -- Physiological Effect

Creative Commons license: Public Domain Mark 1.0

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